ChatGPT Direct Search Tool

ChatGPT is an amazing new technology and tool that enables users to ask questions and get long tailed answers in a matter of seconds. With the Secure AI Search extension, we allow you to do your ChatGPT searches directly from your Omni bar giving you a faster way to get the answers you seek.

How to use Secure AI Search?

1) Go to and signup an account. You will need this in order to perform your ChatGPT searches directly from your Omni bar.

2) Switch your Omni bar to ChatGPT by clicking ‘S’ and they space bar at the same time. When activated, your next Omni bar search will be sent to ChatGPT. You can also use ChatGPT by highlighting text on a website, then right clicking and then select ‘Send to OpenAI’. The text you have highlighted will be sent as a search to the ChatGPT tool.